What Order Should I Pack My Office In?

One of the difficulties of packing an office, whether it is your home workstation or an entire business, is that you likely need to keep working throughout at least some portion of the process. Try these tips from Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. for packing your office while maintaining productivity.

Remove Decorative Components

Decorative items such as paintings, posters, or small statues may be taken down and packed first. While these items make the office a pleasant place to work, they play no role in actual functionality.

Organizing the Files

In most modern offices, the contents of the filing cabinets exist primarily for record keeping, as opposed to day-to-day productivity. Gather filing boxes and transfer the contents of the cabinets to these boxes. Make sure to clearly label what cabinets the files have come from and what files are inside the box to make the unpacking process easier.

Boxing up Books

Books fall into a similar category as files. While they may sometimes be used for reference, your office likely doesn’t turn to them every day. Pack books early into small boxes to keep the weight limited. Bookshelves can be taken apart and packed at the same time as books.

Packing Your Desk Contents

Your desk and chair will likely be some of the last things to get packed, but the contents of your desk can largely be stored away in the middle of the packing process. Leave yourself with just the essentials – a few pens, a stapler, and a notepad – and pack or donate the rest. Most of your work is likely done on a computer anyway. Generic Ambien 10 mg online http://www.wolfesimonmedicalassociates.com/ambien/

Moving Computers and Other Technology

Other than your desk and chair, your computer, the office printer, and your phone are likely to be the last things you pack up before a move. The first thing to do before packing up your computer is to back up all data. After that, technology should be carefully packed, ideally in its original boxes with appropriate padding and protection.

Desks and Chairs

Finally, your desk and chair should be packed. Be careful of desk components such as a glass top layer that may need extra protection during the packing process. Responsible movers like the professionals at Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. will use furniture pads to cushion desk pieces during the move to prevent damage.