3 Ways to Prepare Your Furniture for Storage

It is critical to properly pack and protect your furniture to avoid any damage while in storage. These three easy tips from the full-service storage professionals at Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. can help you pack your furniture efficiently to maintain its current condition in storage.

Engage a Professional

The best thing you can do to prevent damage to your furniture is hire a professional. The team at Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. is trained in the best ways to prepare your furniture to prevent damage. Don’t hire an unlicensed company; always check to make sure they are certified to work with your valuable furniture.

Choose the Right Materials

Bubble wrap and plastic wrap, as well as blankets, are your best friends when it comes to protecting furniture in storage. You or your full-service moving professionals should thoroughly wrap all furniture before it is moved and put into storage. Blankets or furniture pads should be placed over tables to prevent scratching, and all furniture legs and corners should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Plastic wrap or blankets can be used to protect upholstery from rips and stains in the moving process.

Be Picky

Don’t just store your furniture anywhere. This means two things: first, you should not simply load your furniture into a self-storage unit where it will be exposed to variable temperatures and fluctuating humidity. Second, when loading furniture into a storage unit, be careful about where it is located relative to other possessions. For example, gardening supplies next to wood furniture is just asking for damage to happen. If you choose a team of moving and storage professionals, they will apply their expertise to properly organize your furniture in storage.

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