We had a fantastic experience with Big Foot. Rich McKee was our salesperson and he was responsive, helpful and organized. The crew on both moves (the first small move and then the big day) were unbelievable. They were polite, personable, and efficient. We moved into a 5 story walk up and I swear they did it with smiles on their faces. They took time to ask questions and place furniture and took great care of all of our belongings, including our 150 year old dressing table. All of our stuff (including the storage items) were unscathed. My husband and I joked that writing fragile on some boxes was futile because they treated them all like fragiles. They have perfected being really fast and efficient without making the customer feel like they are rushing.

We considered cheaper companies but we were so happy we chose Big Foot. Their estimate for 7 hours was spot on, whereas others estimated ~4 hours. Either they don’t know how to estimate, were low-balling us, or the moves are frantic. I can’t imagine our move taking a minute less than 7 hours. In addition, I felt that the moving crews are probably treated better by Big Foot in terms of wages, benefits, etc. versus the cheaper companies. Looking at Big Foot’s employment webpage, it seems like a great company to work for. I like to think about those things when I hire someone. In addition, if anything ever went wrong, I would definitely want to be dealing with Rich at Big Foot and not some of the gruff people I talked to when shopping the discount companies. Definitely!

In sum, they were the best part of our move. Moving stinks, but these guys made the actual process painless and dare I say sort of fun? They (almost) make you want to move again.



If you need a place to store your belongings before, during, or after your move, Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. is able to accommodate

your belongings in a clean, safe, secure, and dry storage facility.

We offer sealed private containers which we commonly refer to as “storage vaults”. Our storage vaults provide approximately 245 cubic feet of space. The vault measures 7 feet wide by 7 feet high by 5 feet deep and holds approximately one room of furniture on average. Vaults may look small compared to the size of the room in your residence, but when loaded by Big Foot Movers, the volume that can fit will surprise you.

Pianos are stored in a separate climate controlled area within the warehouse. Oversized items that will not fit into a vault are stored on separate racks at an additional fee. Your items in storage can be accessed Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm with (24) hour notice. Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. reserves the right to charge an additional handling fee for extra items brought in to or removed from storage after initial entry.

Our 20,000 square foot storage warehouse is newly constructed, clean, organized, well lit, secure, and fully climate controlled. Our climate controlled warehouse ensures that your goods will not be subject to extreme hot or cold temperatures. A controlled climate eliminates the humidity in the air and keeps the temperature from falling below 55° or rising above 80°.


Big Foot storage customers are pleased to know that all of their possessions are professionally wrapped in new moving pads as well as professionally inventoried at residence. Padding your furniture and items will protect from potential damage claims. An inventory of your furniture and items will serve as a record for the overall condition of the goods as they are placed into storage, as well as a record of the condition when delivered. Both parties (you and Big Foot) will have a copy of the inventory sheet(s) that detail your items.

We offer storage liability/insurance protection to all short term or long term storage customers. You will be comforted to know that our warehouse is equipped with a sprinkler system for fire protection, alarmed for smoke and intrusion, and tied into local police and fire departments.

Storage Estimator
Type of Residence Sq. Feet No. of Vaults No. of Oversized Hours of Loading at Residence Hours of Loading at Warehouse Apprx. Total Hours w/travel
Studio 450 1-2 0-2 2-3 1/2-1 3-5
1 Bedroom Apartment 700 2-4 1-2 2-3 1-2 4-6
2 Bedroom Apartment 900 3-5 2-3 3-4 1 1/2-2 5-7
2 Bedroom House 1,100 5-7 2-3 3-5 2-2 1/2 6-8
3 Bedroom House 1,750 7-12 3-4 4-6 2-3 7-9
Large House 5,000+ 12-14+ 4-5+ 6-8+ 3-4+ 8-12+