Office Relocation Checklist

Moving an office is a full time project that requires superior organization and preparedness. Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. appreciates the magnitude and uniqueness of this type of relocation. We created a checklist including some of the most common tasks to assist you in moving your business. In addition to identifying and communicating floor plans, furniture placement, electrical/data/phone configurations, you may also consider taking the opportunity to thoroughly clean all office equipment.

Physical Planning

  • Obtain a floor plan of your current office layout
  • Obtain a blue print of your new office location
  • Create a proposed furniture orientation / office layout using blue print obtained
  • Obtain approval on new layout
  • Obtain quotes on required build out at new location
  • Determine PC and Printer Locations in new space
  • Determine location of shared office equipment (i.e. fax machines)
  • Identify personal printers on the floor plan
  • Identify analog lines on the floor plan
  • Identify data lines on the floor plan
  • Identify jack locations for voice and data
  • If modular furniture is being used, identify the network cabling
  • Obtain bids for any work that is required based on current plans
  • Review final space plans and include electrical and furniture placement
  • Begin compiling costs for move budget
  • Evaluate new location to determine if there are any special limitations for movers
  • Assign each new office space with an identification number
  • Record all of the information you have learned


  • Identify co-workers to be team members on project team
  • Have a backup team member for any one that may not be available
  • Establish a Computer Team – Responsible for all aspects of PC moves
  • Establish a Testing Team – Responsible for testing all workstations
  • Establish a Data Team – Responsible for ensuring all data is backed up
  • Establish a Printer Team – Responsible for installing and configuring all printers
  • Establish a Network Team – Responsible for all network equipment including testing
  • Establish an Employee Team – Responsible for communicating to employees and making sure all employee related issues are handled during move
  • Establish a Vendor Liaison – This person is responsible for interfacing with all vendors
  • Review all layout plans and jack locations for all equipment with team leaders
  • Create an outline for each team member and vendor as needed

Labeling For Move Day

  • Label all analog lines with ‘A’, digital phone lines ‘V’, and data lines ‘D’
  • All wiring should be labeled with the device ID to which it belongs
  • All wiring should be labeled with the location it will be moved in the new layout
  • All computer equipment should be labeled with the identification number assigned to the new space
  • Label all boxes and binders with the identification number of their new home
  • Color code labels for items belonging in network rooms or other common areas. Each color should correspond to a unique common space in the new location. At the new location the color should be clearly present on the door or wall space next to the door for easier unpacking.
  • Place each color on the building layout diagram you have created
  • Ensure all team members are familiar with coding system
  • Communicate color-coding system with Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. along with a copy of the layout

Wiring / Cabling / Phone / Internet / Etc.

  • Identify the telephone / server room at the new location and label it on the floor plan
  • Ensure that the new server room is centralized to avoid the Ethernet UTP length limit
  • Confirm minimum requirements for server room are met (electrical, cooling, dimensions, security, etc.)
  • Schedule wiring according to project timeline and obtain outside consultant if required
  • Identify cost and time constraints for wiring work
  • Document cost and time in project plan / project budget
  • Test all network and phone drops as soon as possible so problems can be corrected
  • Use layout of desks to estimate cable size requirements
  • Plan for any future configurations and wire leave additional wiring in each wall
  • Test all back-up batteries for phone switches and servers and take inventory of all items
  • Contact vendors for 800 numbers and schedule cutover date. Test the new phone lines several days before the move.
  • Disconnect all paid lines at old location
  • Review the programming and routing on the voice mail system to make sure everything is working as it should
  • Determine what type of Internet is available at the new location. If a T1 is required 6-8 weeks is often required notice.
  • If the ISP is changed from the current provider identify any changes that may be required to Company Website


  • Take a complete inventory of all existing equipment
  • Determine what moves and what should be sold or donated
  • Identify any new equipment that may be required
  • Document all cost for project budget along with estimated arrival dates for project plan
  • Have a physical backup (bootable media) for all servers
  • Have spare cables and other parts on hand
  • You should not transport the backup media in the moving truck. Carry that by hand and if possible have two copies in two separate locations.
  • Review equipment repair orders and identify those items that are likely to have a problem on move day. Test those items first.

Meetings and Communication

  • Create a contact list for move day and include all key personnel, vendors, etc. on this sheet. Provide copies of this contact list to all team leads.
  • Vendor liaison should be on-site for deliveries or vendor access to new location
  • Create a phone number list of all numbers being moved. Use this list to test calls coming in to the correct locations in addition to making sure outgoing calls can be made.
  • Schedule a conference call with telephone service providers. Review plan for move. Schedule disconnection date for old location.
  • Reconfirm move date with all vendors at least 1 month prior to move. The week before the move make sure all vendors date sensitive tasks are complete and move is still on track.
  • Have a team meeting and confirm time lines are being met and roles and responsibilities are understood. Ensure everyone knows whom to call if there is a problem.
  • Update important information with office security systems and providers.
  • Have users back up all of their files to the network or to disks before the move.


  • Before electronic items are moved clean them with appropriate cleaner
  • Clean all office furniture prior to move
  • Clean all wall hangings prior to move
  • Clean all break-room / office kitchen items prior to move