The Top Advantages of Working with a Professional Storage Company

When putting your items into storage, it can be tempting to just plunk it all down in a self-storage unit and call it a day. After all, what more do you need than a large closet with a lock on it? Self-storage lets you come and go as you please, so long as you keep paying your rent. But why struggle with moving and storing your items on your own when you could trust a full-service professional storage and moving company to do it for you? Full-service storage companies like Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. offer a variety of services to make the moving and storage process easier for you.

Advantage #1: Preventing Damage

Full-service companies like Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. will not only come to you to pick up the items going into storage, but they also will properly pack your items for you. This means that you have a team of moving and storage professionals on your side, equipped with all the right supplies to make sure none of your belonging are damaged during the move. They will even take an inventory of the items being put into storage, assessing their state so that any damages can be detected.

Advantage #2: Climate Control

One common problem with self-storage units is that they are not climate-controlled. In fact, far from it: it is not uncommon for units to suffer major temperatures fluctuations as well as water damage and related issues. Professional storage and moving companies take pride in their storage facilities, making sure that your belongings are always in a climate-controlled environment for better preservation.

Advantage #3: Greater Security

Professional storage and moving companies can provide greater safety and security for your belongings in comparison to self-service units. With self-storage, anyone with the code can access large portions of the storage facility at almost any time. This opens up the risk of break-ins and theft. With professional storage facilities like Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc., your possessions will be kept safely under lock and key where only team members can access them. In the event that you need to access your belongings, your storage professionals will pull the requested items for you.

Professional Storage: The Better Choice

Full-service professional storage companies provide services well beyond what any self-storage unit can imagine. With a team of professionals on your side, you can ensure the safekeeping of your possessions for the long-term. The team at Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. put your needs first, changing the face of storage from a dark closet to a professionally serviced, high performance facility.