The Dangers of Using an Unlicensed Mover

Big Foot may be gigantic and hairy and sometimes he smells like the forest, but he is nothing to be afraid of. He’s a big softy and never means to scare anyone. Unfortunately, there are less friendly creatures out there and Big Foot wants to make sure you stay safe.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a mover. You may pick a mover out of the phonebook, based on a friend’s recommendation, or because of a website. Of all your options, considering a licensed mover is always the best way to go. In fact, for many people, choosing an unlicensed mover has had dire consequences: potential damage, theft, and even extortion. Choosing a licensed, professional company like Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. can save you and your belongings from this fate.

The Danger: Unsafe Moving Trucks

One risk of using an unlicensed mover for transporting your possessions is that their trucks and other infrastructure may not be as high quality as it needs to be. Unlicensed companies have been known to send uninsured, unsafe trucks to pick up and move possessions. In the event of lost or damaged goods, then, consumers have no recourse through company insurance.

The Danger: Theft

Theft is not an uncommon result when using unlicensed movers. Sometimes these movers simply steal a few items, choosing from among the wealth of objects loaded on to their truck; in other cases they have been known to drive off with an individual’s possessions in tow. You can be sure this never happens when you use a licensed, professional moving, and storage company like Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. to pack and move your valuable possessions.

The Danger: Extortion

There have been several recent cases of extreme extortion linked to unlicensed moving companies. These deceptive companies assert that a move will cost one price, and upon loading up your possessions then change that price to something much higher. If customers then refused to pay the new, higher price, these unlicensed companies would hold their possessions hostage. These predatory movers may also demand one price to simply unload the truck or a much higher price to actually complete the move. Dealing with predatory movers can be dangerous, but this can be avoided by choosing a well-vetted, professional moving and storage company like Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc.