Preparing Computers for a Move

When preparing for a move, your computer is one of the most valuable things you will pack. Before moving your computer, however, there are several important preparations you should make to protect your data and equipment. The full-service moving and storage professionals at Big Foot Moving & Storage offer these tips for preparing your computer.

Back up all files. This is the most important thing you can do before a move. You can choose to back up files in any number of ways. The method you use for backing up your files will largely depend on the amount of data you have stored on your computer. Choices include burning all of your files to CDs or DVDs, or transferring them to flash drives. An external hard drive can also be an ideal way to back up your data, particularly when there is a substantial amount. Big Foot Moving & Storage recommends that you do not store these back up files with the computer; rather pack them separately with any other system programs.

Remove any disks. Check all drives for CDs and other inserted computer components. These should be removed to prevent them from being damaged during the packing process. Pack CDs in their original cases in well-padded boxes.

Shut everything down. Many of us are in the bad habit of leaving our computers on all the time and just letting them fall asleep. When you are preparing to move your computer, however, it is necessary to perform a proper shutdown.

Find the original packaging. The best way to pack your computer for a move is to put it back in its original box. Computers come packed with all the appropriate cushioning and support they need to be safely packed, shipped, or moved. If you cannot locate the original packaging for your computer, make sure to pack it with adequate padding, such as foam core, packing peanuts, paper pads, etc… before sealing it up.

Take care of separate components. When packing your computer, be careful of all the extra wires, printers, and other components that also need to come with you. Remove ink and paper from printers, unplug all wires, and pack associated computer components in their original boxes if possible. Big Foot Moving & Storage will provide large keyboard / parts bags to ensure all the miscellaneous items, wires, etc… will stay together for each workstation.

Choose responsible movers. Your computer is one of your most valuable possessions. When it is time to move it, choose licensed and responsible moving and full-service storage experts, such as the team at Big Foot Moving & Storage, Inc. Experienced moving and storage professionals can help you to properly pack and protect your technology.